The purpose of this committee is to keep residents informed of community events and ensure communications, such as the subdivision newsletters and Web site updates/maintenance, are carried out in a timely manner. Members may be asked to provide useful articles on community/county/state affairs, tips, games, recipes, etc. to contribute to the newsletter and other administrative and technology-related duties as they arise. Newsletter distributors are automatically considered Communication Committee members and these duties are the same—distributing the newsletters in the mailboxes of residents of assigned streets. Beginning in January, 2010, the committee will meet at least once a quarter and the Chair will submit meeting minutes and committee status reports to the President, who will share at Board Meetings.

Chairperson: open


The purpose of this committee is to support and promote the Neighbor Watch program. Committee members will patrol their assigned streets and notify the Chair and/or the police if suspicious activity is taking or has taken place. Members will actively look for community safety events and news that impact and/or benefit our subdivision and report back to the Committee chair. The Chair will provide incidents to Communications for the monthly newsletter. The committee will also sponsor safety events for the residents, including working with Social Committee in securing guest speakers at subdivision meetings and events.

Chairperson: Errol Wyatt


The purpose of this committee is to monitor the residential and community property, to enforce the rules adopted by the Board of Directors to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Westchester Lakes, and to provide for an esthetic appeal in order to maintain and improve property values. Members are asked to monitor properties on their assigned streets every two weeks and follow the process established for sending violators reminder flyers and/or formal notification letters on behalf of the Board of Directors. Members may be asked to judge lawns and nominate Yard of the Month awards and other related duties that may arise.

Chairperson: Errol Wyatt


The purpose of this committee is to plan and execute community-wide social events in an ongoing effort to encourage and enhance neighborly relations. Members of this committee should have a deep interest in party planning, meeting/events coordination, and fundraising. This committee will also be responsible for the maintenance, replacement, putting up, and taking down of holiday decorations at the main entrance, although any resident can and is encouraged to volunteer to help with this task. Chairperson:

Chairperson: Sherri Jones


The purpose of the Welcoming Committee is to plan, coordinate, and deliver to new residents a Welcome Kit and answer any questions they may have about the subdivision (or direct them to the proper person to answer the questions).

Chairperson:  open