A covenant is designed to protect our property values, mainly; however, it is also there to give us specific guidelines on maintaining our homes and lots. For example, all residents, either owning or leasing, should know and abide by the following guidelines and requirements:

· Lawns are to be properly maintained.
· Newspapers should be picked up from driveways.
· Dead cars and cars without a current tag should not be stored on property (use your garage).
· Large trucks, boats and motor homes should not be parked in driveways.
· Owners must get HOA approval to change the original color of their home and approval must be given to erect a fence or cut down a tree.
· ALL dogs should be on a leash when outside the home unless they are within a fenced BACK yard.
· No more than 5% of the lots in the subdivision may be leased at any one time.

These are most of the violations that the Modifications Committee has had to warn residents about. Just in case you were not aware, Covenant violations can be costly to you, the home owner, if not corrected timely.

The actual reading of the Covenant can be long and boring because of some of the LEGAL terms used. But at some point, every owner should read their copy. If you do not have a copy, click here.