Effective 2016, annual homeowners’ association dues are $387 per resident/affiliated property for non-lake properties. Dues are mandatory and are due every year by March 15 to avoid late fees and other penalties. Residents are mailed an invoice in January to remind them of the upcoming due date.

If an outstanding balance is carried over, electronic key cards will be deactivated until payment is received and, on April 15, a lien will be filed against each property with an unpaid balance. The property owner will be responsible for paying all costs associated with the lien filing and all unpaid balances thereafter will accrue interest at a rate of 10% annually until the balance is paid in full.

All questions about the annual dues, including the need to set up a payment arrangement for HOA dues and questions from closing attorneys, may be directed to our Business Manager, Melanie Hutchinson by email or phone at (770) 483-8507

Lake properties, (i.e., any lot or dwelling unit which is adjacent to or contains all or any portion of a Lake or Lakes) incur an additional fee as members of the Lake Association. This is a separate entity from WLHOA, Inc. Questions regarding the Lake Association and the additional fees should be directed to its President, Yvonne McNeil.