The Westchester Lakes Safety Committee is pleased to bring you these tips on what you can do to help keep our community safe. We also have this information, as well as safety committee members and their assigned streets posted on our website.

The most effective way to help prevent crime in our neighborhood is to be alert, observant, caring and willing to report suspicious activity or crime to the police. Additionally, get to know your neighbors on your street and in the community.

Useful tips:

  • Install house alarms (testing them regularly with your monitoring company and testing your batteries)
  • Keep your garage door closed when you are not outside
  • Ensure that your doors and windows are locked and that you have good security locks
  • Cut shrubs in front of windows low
  • Outside lighting – install motion detectors or security lights that come on at dusk and off when the sun goes down
  • If you leave your car in your driveway overnight, lock your doors and remove all valuables
  • For neighbors who seldom leave your homes be “window watchers”, looking out for any unusual activities.

Going on vacation:

  • Ask a friend or neighbor you trust to check on your property
  • Don’t tip off criminals on the web – Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Use a timer to turn your inside lights on and off on your regular schedule
  • Stop your mail and paper or ask a neighbor or friend to pick up your paper or mail

Below are the Safety Committee members and the streets that they are assigned to.