The Modifications Committee would like to provide you with this list of the most frequently observed acts and activities by residents that are against Westchester Lakes’ covenants. We also included the specific reference in the convents that addresses these acts so that residents can go to the website (, access the covenants, and read the legal language of the covenants, requirements, restrictions, and exclusions in detail.

Following this list of violations, we included Section 20 of the covenants, which discusses the actions the Board may take in the event these covenants, restrictions, and conditions are NOT adhered to. As a resident of this fine subdivision, you know that Westchester Lakes takes pride in being an upscale, convent-protected subdivision. To that end, we appreciate your attention, cooperation, and consistent adherence to these covenants.


Section 5: General Provisions. Building or maintaining a structure (like a storage house or extra garage) or changing landscaping (removing trees of a certain size and type) without prior Board submission and approval.
Section 5: General Provisions. Changing the exterior or painting a home, part of a home, or structure on the lot in a color that is not consistent with the general color scheme of the subdivision without submitting and obtaining approval by the Modifications Committee (plans and specifications must show the nature, kind, shape, color, height, materials, and location of the proposed change).


Section 3: No Trucks. Parking or storing certain types of trucks (except pickups owned/leased by property Owner), commercial vehicles, campers, mobile homes, motor homes, boats, boat trailers (except boats and boat trailers which are parked or stored on a Lot in a manner so as not to be visible from any street), house trailers, or trailers of any other description at any place on any Lot, Dwelling Unit or the Common Area.

Section 4: Fences. Erecting fences, walls, or hedges without prior Board submission and written approval; this especially includes any and all chain link fences.

Section 6: Garbage and Trash Containers. Keeping garbage and trash containers in front view / front yard of property.

Section 7: Satellite Dishes and Antennas. Installing ANY satellite dishes and antennas over one meter in diameter on property; displaying those one meter or less in plain view from the street unless it is the only positioning that allows for reasonable reception of a signal.

Section 8: Mailboxes. Failing to maintain, repair and/or replace mailboxes as needed. When replacing, failing to replace with a mailbox of the same type, quality, and character as initially furnished.

Section 12: Housing of Animals. Keeping more than two (2) domestic pets on any lot or dwelling.

Section 15: Signs. Except for certain sized “For Sale” signs, erecting or displacing any sign of any nature whatsoever without obtaining prior written approval of the size, shape, content and location of the sign from the Modification Committee.

Section 21: Leasing Restrictions. Leasing or renting your home or portions of your home without submitting prior written notice (stating name, address of intended lessee, terms of the proposed lease, and other information required by the Board) to the Board and receiving Board approval.

Section 20: Remedies for Violation. In the event that an Owner shall violate or refuse to obey any of the restrictions and conditions as contained in this Article IX, the Board of Directors, its designated committee, or any of its authorized agents or employees may, in its dole discretion, after fourteen (14) days written notice to the Owner in violation, enter upon the Lot or the exterior of the Dwelling Unit of the Owner then in violation, or upon the Common Area, if appropriate and perform such removal, restoration, or repair as such Board of Directors, committee, authorized agent or employee, in the exercise of its sole discretion, may deem necessary or advisable. Such owner in violation shall be personally liable for all costs incurred by the Board of Directors in the performance of such removal, restoration or repair, and the liability for such costs shall be enforceable by the Board of Directors by any appropriate proceeding at law or in equity. Such liability shall also be a permanent charge and lien upon the Lot or Dwelling Unit of such Owner, be due and payable at the time and day any such costs are incurred. If an emergency condition in violation of Article IX of this Declaration still exist on any Lot or Dwelling Unit such that the Board of Directors deems it unwise to provide fourteen (14) days written notice prior to entering upon such Lot or Dwelling Unit, the Board of Directors may cause entry the Lot or the exterior of the Dwelling Unit for the purposes stated in this Section immediately after making reasonable efforts to notify the Owner of such Lot or Dwelling Unit.