Architectural Control & Leasing

Responsible for all construction and lot development matters for the HOA as outlined in the DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS FOR WESTCHESTER LAKES. ARTICLE VII MAINTENANCE AND ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL Section 2: Architectural Control Committee.

Chairperson: Melanie Hutchinson

Communications & Technology

Communications utilizes a variety of channels to keep residents connected to Westchester Lakes. The monthly newsletter, website, special event and announcement flyers and community meetings may include: Calendar dates for WLHOA board meetings, resident townhalls, social events; meeting summaries, minutes and changes in governing documents; HOA assessments, amenities, management services and other pertinent information.

Residents should contact the communications chair if they wish to include a free announcement or place an ad in the monthly newsletter. Business card ads are accepted for a modest monthly fee of $10 to cover the cost of publishing. If interested, please submit your business card and payment in a sealed envelope; drop it in the Westchester Lakes mailbox located at 2500 Westchester Way. Remember to add Westchester Lakes and Beacon Management to your list of contacts.

Chairperson: Sylvia McDaniel

Home Page video: Ernest Dukes, committee volunteer

Community Relations & Security

Community Relations and Security encourage and create opportunities for maintaining a strong, healthy and safe Westchester Lakes Community. The goal is to arm residents with knowledge, tools and responsibilities that ensure ongoing access to resources and support. The committee is also responsible for establishing external partnerships of mutual benefit like with Rockdale County and City of Conyers government.

The committee supports and promotes the Neighborhood Watch program. And may patrol their assigned streets, and notify the Chair and/or the police of suspicious activity. Volunteers will actively look for community safety events and news that impact and/or benefit the subdivision and sponsor safety events for residents.

Chairperson: Stanley Williams


Monitors the residential and community property to enforce the rules adopted by the WLHOA. This helps to maintain quality of life for residents at Westchester Lakes, as well as community appeal and cohesiveness that improve property values. Beacon Management Services handles community inspections and sends out courtesy reminders or letters of violation on behalf of the WLHOA board. 

Chairperson: Melanie Hutchinson

Clubhouse & Pool Operations

Amenities add great value to subdivisions, offering residents' recreation close to home paid for through their homeowner's assessment. WLHOA prides itself on daily operations like cleaning the facility and maintaining the grounds; maintenance and repairs, and long-term planning.  

Chairperson: Marvin Cotton

Clubhouse & Pool Rentals

Coordinator handles reservations and payments for Clubhouse and Pool rental. 

Only adult homeowners/members of the Westchester Lakes HOA with accounts in good standing, or authorized tenants, are eligible to reserve applicable HOA amenities. Reservations are available on a first come, first served basis upon receipt of security deposit, rental fee and the completed contract.

No reservations will be accepted on days of HOA community events. Homeowner is required to be in attendance at all times during the event and agrees to be responsible for the actions of all guests and attendees. WLHOA reserves the right to refuse a rental and/or future rental in the event facilities are left in poor condition or evidence of policy, rule violations or non-paid assessment.

For more information or to rent the facility please click here.

Chairperson: Beverly Dotson

Social (Annual Events)

Committee plans and organizes community-wide social events in an ongoing effort to encourage and enhance neighborly relations. Members of this committee should have a deep interest in party planning, meeting/events coordination, and fundraising. This committee will also be responsible for the maintenance, replacement, putting up, and taking down of holiday decorations at the main entrance. Residents not on the committee are encouraged to volunteer. Volunteers are discussing additional activities for youth. 

Board/Chairperson: Rhonda Ligon

Welcome (New Owners)

Committe plans, coordinates and delivers to new residents a welcome packet and answers any questions they may have about Westchester Lakes. New residents should familiarize themselves with the bylaws and covenants. Remember to add Westchester Lakes to your list of contacts to ensure you receive communications such as the monthly newsletter.

Volunteer:  Beverly Dotson


Creating a caring culture is what Sunshine Committee strives for at Westchester Lakes, by reaching out to homeowners who may experience unexpected life events such as loss of a loved one, or planned events such as birth of a newborn, graduations or weddings. If homeowners know of a neighbor or any homeowner experiencing an unexpected event or are planning a personal celebration please contact the sunshine committee chair. They'd love to provide the homeowner with a little sunshine.

Volunteer: Vacant